On the 19-22 January we will participate at the EcoWaste exhibition in Abu Dhabi. We warmly invite you to meet Managing Director of Eldan Recycling Dr. Toni Reftman as well as representative in the region Manoj Kumar in hall 11, stand no. 11300.

Do not hesitate to contact us today. Please contact our head office at info@eldan-recycling.com or phone +45 63 61 25 45.

Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML), which operate a gold-copper mine in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea, is setting an example to the rest of the mining industry. The mining industry uses large tyres on mining trucks, conveyor belting and drums and these have always presented a problem with disposal. They are usually disposed of in land-fills, but OTML decided that this material could be treated as a recyclable resource rather than a waste product.

For many recyclers the aim is to become the top name within one recycling area. For Zakład Przerobu Złomu “Złomex” S.A. the aim is to become the top of mind wide range scrap recycler - globally.


In 2007 Eldan Recycling got in contact with two Serbian entrepreneurs who wanted to start the country’s first tyre recycling plant. Seven years later, the company, Eco-Recycling Ltd employ over 90 people, and have a very positive outlook on the future.

Environmental awareness is increasing steadily through global governmental summits and regional legislations. Discussions on the environment and a sustainable future often focus on how to get rid of the large piles of “problems” which has been collected during the years. Large business opportunities are however waiting for those who are ready to take the chance.

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